Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Humpty Dumpty meets Waldorf

I did a sculpture installation called Humpty Dumpty meets Waldorf that was a interesting way to reconcile my past career as a Waldorf School Handwork Teacher and my present as fibre artist/sculpture/art student.
I did my Waldorf teaching training in Switzerland where I lived for many years and did my Diploma project on plant dyeing. My etsy store was a way to use up all the plant dyed yarn I had and no longer needed and pass it on to those that did. I loved plant dyeing. I did it for years and I had hundreds of different shades of everything. But when I left Waldorf, I discovered that there were other fibres out there, I am a passionate and compulsive knitter, and there was a whole new world to explore.
I would though, like to pass on my plant dyed creations to people that want it, need it and have small children who will benefit from it. My boys are older and no longer need those subtle, wonderful colours.
Gnomes are special in plant dyed, they come alive and tell their stories, especially to those that are ready to listen. This picture is not my installation, but a picture I took of the gnomes I made while on holiday last summer in the Kootenays. They really were cute.

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