Monday, March 14, 2011

Connected Again

I called my installation Connected because I felt and know that we are all connected. My balls, for me, were symbols of the inter-relationship we have with others and the idea that we are all part of the matrix. Though I may be pink and purple and you are blue and yellow, we all know that purple has blue in it and the next one is orange and green, and they both have blue and yellow and have red like in my pink. It isn't complex, its just another way of seeing the world.
Now that the world is exploding in Japan, we can see how close Japan is to us here in British Columbia and when the radiation goes up and the wind is right it will connect with us.
See we truly are connected.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cabinet of Curiosities

This is one of my sculptures in the cabinet. They weren't that easy to photograph in the cabinet and they were changed up a little bit in order to fit in the small space. They were really fun to make. I had found perfect circle cut outs at Action Metal. I went back when there was snow in order to find more as there is no way I could plasma cut the steel into such perfect circles. They are perfect to use in my classical sculpture podium pieces.
I didn't use all of them yet and will probably make a few more for the show next year. This is the first time that the wool and the steel complimented each other.
It wasn't the steel was holding the felt or vice versa but they are beginning to have a conversation with each other.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


My room installation at the Mad Hatter's Extreme Tea Party was called Connected. After some trials and tribulations I got the room completed though not as I had originally planned. Last minute oops I forgot to do my work by another person forced me to find quick solutions. I wasn't that thrilled with them at first, but they have grown on me.
This is my favourite picture. My friend Kathryn is posing in her costume and she totally fits into my room. She is playing with the wands that have magnets on them that either connect or repel the magnets on the balls. The room was about being to connected and one with everyone else even though we are all different colours and wear different hats. Though in essence we are all the same.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tonight is the night.

The Opening of the Mad Hatter's Extreme Tea Party.
The signs were designed and painted by Joshua and Luka

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

VB Studios Graffiti

This is the VB Studios Graffiti on the back wall of the motel, part of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. The sign has now been taken done and all that is left is the light bulbs. VB Studios image, when completed will be going up there. Right now, work in progress

Mad Hatter: Extreme Tea Party

Here's a newspaper clipping about the Mad Hatter's Extreme Tea Party that opens this Friday. After a few trials and tribulations my room is done.
Kelowna Capital News - Closed motel turned into art project