Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spinning or Felting: That is the question

 I can't decide whether or not I should spin this batt that I carded up. My husband thinks its prettier the way it is and he is right, it is pretty. I could use it to felt with or I could sell it on etsy. It is a mixture of the BFL I bought this year and dyed, plus silks, mohair, and icicle that I also dyed. Once I spun the other 3 batts, the colours mixed and it is a yarn full of life. I made a baby hat out of the blue skein I had spun as they are only about 50 yds.
I ordered a new flyer for my spinning wheel, so that I could spin larger skeins as this is the max that my 
 flyer can manage.

Beavers: the National animal of Canada

 There is a little nature park in the middle of the Mission, near the store where I work. My husband often picks me up after work and we walk our old dog there. I waited all winter for the beaver to emerge and I have been privileged to see him and her quite a few times now. The one time he was eating in the grass, practically a leap away, I had forgotten my camera.
Fascieux Park is really a cool little place tucked away behind the shopping centre.