Sunday, January 29, 2012

Art on the Line 2012

Art on the Line is a fundraiser for the UBCO Visual Course Union to help pay for the 4th year show for the graduating  visual arts students. With the purchase of a ticket, cost $175, you have the opportunity to go home with 1 piece of contemporary art. Students from UBCO and members of the art community donate works to this juried event. Once you arrive and select your favourtie pieces, you go into the auditorium where the ticket numbers are selected at random and when your number comes up you can pick the piece that is next on your list. My piece "Abstract in White", was picked by the 25th ticket and now is at home in someone's house.  I hope they enjoy it

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Process Painting and 4th Year

Mark Rothko
In 4th year painting, one of our assignments is to do 3 paintings 40"x40". We are to research 3 artists, one of whose art we have seen live in person, and combine these 3 styles into our own painting. I chose Mark Rothko, Marc Chagall and Michael Adamson, a Canadian born Toronto Artist whose work I saw a SOPA Art Gallery here in Kelowna. We also have to do 'drawings' and I have decided to do my on 9"x9"pieces of raw canvas, old paintings cut up, water colour paper, old water colour much stuff hanging around the house that I don't like so I might as well recycle it. So today is the beginning of the process and I began with Rothko. I may never get to Chagall's images...but maybe his colours or his feel or probably his fiddler which to me will always be symbolic of the jewish faith in which I was raised. They create a similar feeling as do the Basler Waggis that for me are a symbol of  the Basler tradition
Michael Adamson  All the way to California
Marc Chagall Fiddler on the Roof