Friday, January 24, 2014

Vessels: having fun making them and adding more

 I am having a great time making vessels...It seems every few days a new one arises. I am experimenting with different elements and colours and seeing what I get...things are getting more predictable.
Wondering what one does with a vessel, I spied my favourtie girl hanging in the corner of my studio.
She seemed to fit in perfectly.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Urban Dude's Infinity Scarf

 I knit this scarf with my boys in mind. The infinity scarves that I knit last year where too feminine for the I took some yarn, Araucania Panguipulli and picked a colour I thought Son #3 would like....knit the infinity scarf and then asked who wanted takers...oh well, sample for the store.
Now look whose, of course, Son #3 is up in northern Alberta...freezing his butt off and no Urban Dude Infinity Scarf to keep him warm.
This pattern is available in my Ravelry store:

Monday, September 23, 2013

Felt: :Feutre - Contemporary Canadian Felt

I am off to felt: :feutre tomorrow on Salt Spring Island, BC. There are workshops, exhibitions and a fashion show all celebrating contemporary Canadian Feltmaking.
I look forward to 5 days of felt making, advancing my techniques and working together with fellow felting enthusiasts.
When I come back I will be teaching felting classes at the Art of Yarn and ready to share some of the new things that I have learned.

How can it get any better than that?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Plant Dyed Yarn....

 I've been dyeing wool fleece and yarn for years. I began my ...shall I call it an obsession...when I was studying to become a Waldorf School Handwork teacher. I was fascinated by the variety of colour you could get by just dyeing plant material. I read all the books and for a whole year I dyed only things I could find....leaves, bark, flowers, lichens.. By this time, I had over 60 shades of yellow.and then I branched out into madder and cochineal and added the reds and the pinks.
My first indigo recipe was complicated but once I mastered it I finally had a whole range of colours including the greens blues and the purples.

 It's not that  easy, you have to dye enough of the yellows and pinks to get the greens and the purples.....It just seemed I never had enough.

So now, quite a few years later...I begin again. This time I am using superwash merino from Louet and 10 skeins later all I have are 1 of a kinds. Nothing to add to the madder or the indigo....Oh well...the next time will be different again.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer Weather is Upon Us...Yeah

 The summer burst through clouds and the weather hit 30 can it get any better than that?
My dyepots called to me and I cleaned up the garden and my dye space, washed the dusty pots and filled with dye.
I am using up the last of my dyes. I have dyed all these colours 2 times with different fleeces and really don't need any more in those colours. So I bought some white wool and thought I'd experiment with yarn and try and create some nice variations. I used three colours and dipped them quickly in different colours.

The yellow is just pure sunshine it was so magestic, a pity to dilude.
Can't wait for tomorrow...that's going to be a red day.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What is a Fibre Addict to Do?

Morning Madness Mohair Locks 4 oz
I purchased a mohair fleece from Vancouver Island and I have been spending my days dyeing it one pot at a time. I like vat dyeing...I begin with one colour, dye the fibre, then add another colour, then another, then another...I end up with way too much.
Right now, I have 21 acid dyes and I am almost finished the set. I have had to refrain, of course, from purchasing more colours....I decided I would finish this set and then I was free to experiment with different colours.
I actually take notes and samples and I have found that the colours are really consistent.
I have realized that the dyeing part is what fascinates me the most...its like fill a pot of water, put in a powder...add your
wool...and voila...colour.
The colour witch is alive and well and living in Kelowna...ha ha.

The mixtures pictured here are available in my etsy store
ColourSparks on Etsy

Dawn's Finest Hour Mohair Locks 4 oz

Perfect Hair Mohair Locks 4 oz

Blue Danube Mohair Locks 4 oz

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I am adding a new section to my blog called Baby Hats....I love making hats...Working in a yarn store with a huge awry of yarns is amazingly inspiring. The problem is I can't knit something big out of everything. So I make hats. I am most interested in the yarns and not necessarily the finished project. I love wool,fibre and colour and that is the part of yarn that fasinates me the most. Yes, I love knitting too, but if I  tried to boil down what is my favourite is definitely the fibre...and what better way to try all the interesting yarns in The Art of Yarn...than knit hats....(that way when the customers come in, I know what I am talking about).
So hats are the perfect object...they are functional...I wear hats all the time in the kids always wore hats and still do and I can carry them in my purse and knit them on the bus. I have become the lady on the bus that knits...ha ha ha...can hardly believe it.
I am working with a photographer....Linda Cunningham....I share my hats and she shares her pictures.