Friday, July 18, 2014

Waldorf Gnomes still make me smile

Waldorf knitted gnomes still make me smile. When I'm feeling a little blue, I get out my plant dyed yarn and start knitting gnomes. It's like comfort food without the calories. The knit up quick, I can make a few in the evening if I'm watching TV and then into my studio  to sew them together.

The colours of the plant dyed yarn are special and as they come together each gnome has its own individual character. I've tried photographing them inside, but they truly want to be placed in the garden and captured there.


Yes, sometimes things can be challenging, but after 10 gnomes I'm ready to face the day.  And I didn't gain a pound.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Felting Workshop: What Else is Possible?

 I'm offering a Felting Class called What Else is Possible? This class gives you the opportunity to explore the wet felting process through colour, design, surface texture, fiber manipulation or whatever you choose. It's a way to take your felting to the next level and allow your creativity to flow.
We will be working on either a 3 dimensional piece such as a vase, bowl or slippers, or are flat piece to hang on a wall or sew into a pillow. The choice is yours.
Saturday August 16 and Sunday August 17.
or contact me at

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Flowers and Vessels

 I have been working on vessels for the last little while. I have them sitting in various places around the house. Yesterday my neighbour brough me some Russian sage and I stuck the branches into the vessels. Loved the look. This morning I picked some Yarrow and cut back the red bush...don't know what its needed a haircut anyway, and stuck them in the rest of the vessels.
I loved the look both inside and outside. It makes me want to more.
I will be offering a vessels workshop in Augusts...stay tuned.