Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mid Term Critique

 Well, its almost reading break and my mid term critique is behind me. It was well worth while cleaning up my studio and using it as a practice installation space. Its a great way to try all kinds of different ways of installing my pieces. I had attached my heads to the wall with plastic tubing and wasn't really convinced it was the right way. I had them at different lengths but settled on the  shorter length as that way they didn't hang as much.
As I was waiting for my critique time, I realized that something was missing....the metal. My artist statement is about the combination of wool and metal and I was forgetting the metal. So off I went to the metal shop and welded some pieces together and added them to the installation. somehow, for me it was an ah ha moment where I realized that the metal adds an interesting effect to the space. It wasmuch too flat just having the heads attached to the wall.
Anyway, I hung up my balls....I love my balls, and as you look at the heads through the walls, I feel I am getting the elements I want together. The audio is on, but needs work...its the third
 component. It allows the heads to speak....but the not so fast...they need more space
I now realize that there is work to be done and my installation won't completely gel till I have my walls up in the sculpture studio. So reading break is almost here and you will find me in my studio making heads.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What Colour Are You?

Yesterday, I was blue and red, You were green and yellow, She was pink and purple, He was brown and green, They were black and red.

Today, I am pink and purple, You are red and blue, She is yellow and blue, He is red and pink, They are brown and orange.

Tomorrow, I will be yellow and orange, You will be brown and pink, She will be black and green, He will be blue and yellow, and They will be white and pink.

What colour are you?

People, though they may look different and believe different things are all human beings made of flesh and soul and spirit. The idea that your life does not affect mine is for me an illusion and construe of society to allow bad things to happen to justify the concept of the greater good. I believe that even though you live in a far away country and I have no visible relationship to you...your life affects mine in the matrix of mankind. The reality that you live will change the reality that I live in and vice versa.