Sunday, April 27, 2014

Colour makes Felting Fun

Felting has become part of my daily routine...along with my knitting. I spend  at least a few minutes in my studio every day playing with fiber. Sometimes I just make pieces of flat felt...because I can...and don't always know what I'll do with them. Sometimes I make vessels as I love the 3 dimensional aspect of forming the wool into shapes. I approach my felting practice very much like I do my painting practice and I laugh at the results as they are very often similar.                      

Vesseles: A Felting Workshop....see the facebook page for details
Pillows made from my felted work

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Prefelts are Fun

 Prefelts are a great addition to my felting supplies. At first I thought I had to make them myself. They were very pretty as I added all of my different fibers and colours and they were very interesting. At some point, I realized that they were the alot of work and I found a source to purchase prefelts. It is so much easier to just cut up the already made prefelts and focus on my design element.