Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dyeing Black and Grey

 Even though I am rather colour obsessed, when I bought the dyes I included black, grey, brown. I, of course, left those colours to the end. The brown was deep and rich and certainly an addition to my collection. So when I reached the last two dyes, black and grey, it took a little encouragement to actually do them. Once done, the BFL black was so deep and powerful and the silver silk was glowing.
Now that I have gone through all my colours once, I didn't want to go back to the beginning and do them again. So this time I took 2 colours and combined them to see what would happen. This time violet and hot pink made an awesome purple and well, what do we call that pink. Chartreuse and Emerald created a blend that is in between both of them and the second dye bath produced a blue green on the icicle. It sure was fun. Now if the weather gets nice again, I will continue with my mixed dyes. The first picture is the Blue Face Leicester and the second picture is the silk, mohair and icicle. Fun how they take on the colours differently

Monday, June 6, 2011

Knit a Hat a Week

 I had this idea that I could knit a hat a week for a year. That way I would end up with 52 hats, most of which I probably don't need. I love to knit hats. They are easy and small and fun. They fit in your purse, you can do them on the bus, or while waiting for an appointment. I work in a well stocked yarn store and there is no way I could possibly make something out of all the variety that there is in the store. If I knit hats, I can try all the yarns I want to try and I haven't invested a ton of money or time and it satisfies my sanguine nature. One day it will be pink, the next day blue.... or whatever I want.
I consider this Hat #2 as last week I made the baby hat out of my handspun.
This hat is also my own design which I posted on Ravelry