Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spinning Away

I have a stash of plant dyed fibre. I was absolutely fascinated by the process of plant dying: the gathering of the plant material, the mordanting, the dyeing, the crafting of things with it. I planted dye gardens, gathered as I walked, I bought more stuff than I probably needed and made numerous things out of it. It was all part of my being a Waldorf School Handwork teacher. But alas, I am no longer that, my kids are grown up and I no longer need hair for fairies, beards for gnomes or a really itchy handspun hat that my son Joshua did lovingly wear.
In the meantime I have discovered that there is life beyond plant dyed fibre and have moved into that world. So what do I do with my stash?. Well, I decided to transform it and have been spinning it into skeins that I dream I will knit up into a blanket. Everyone needs a blanket.

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